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State Officer Team

2020 state officer team


2019-20 SkillsUSA Tennessee Postsecondary State Officer Team

The State Officer Team is elected each year during the annual Tennessee Leadership Training Institute held in the Fall. The team serves on our Executive Council representing the twenty-seven Technical Colleges and the thirteen Community Colleges, and supports SkillsUSA through leadership training, advocacy, and mentoring.

Name: Oscar Gayton Cruz

Office: President

Institution: TCAT Chattanooga

Program: Medical Assisting

Career Goal: TI would like to become a well-rounded medical professional. Both in the clinical and administrative aspects of a medical assistant. I would like to be a worker who is trusted by patients and co-workers to get the job done.

State Officer Goal: I want to gain the leadership skills needed to serve local and state chapters of SkillsUSA. Such as promoting technical and career education and providing the tools and guidance students need to reach their goals. My goal is to be of serve to others and to learn how to better myself in the process.

Oscar Gayton


Name: Lauren Surles

Office: Vice-President

Institution: TCAT Murfreesboro

Program: Cosmetology

Career Goal: To start a line of hair, skin, and nail products that work effortlessly for brand new students and the 20 year veterans so they’re able to always continue growing and learning, so they can effectively expand their brands.

State Officer Goal: To unify the different trades and programs, change society’s perceptions of technical schools, and continually uplift programs and attendees.


Lauren Surles


Name: Lauren Pearce

Office: Secretary

Institution: TCAT Chattanooga

Program Area: Computer Support

Career Goal: I want to get the A+ and N+ certifications, to become a computer support technician.

State Officer Goals: I hope to help myself and my fellow students prepare for the workforce by getting more involved in SkillsUSA. Working together, we can accomplish all of our career goals, and make great friends along the way.

Lauren Pearce

Name: Marcus Evans

Office: Treasurer

Institution: TCAT Memphis

Program Area: Barbering

Career Goal: One of my career goals is to be a business owner and own a chain of barber shops and other businesses.

State Officer Goals: One of my goals as a state officer is to help push for better funding for vocational schools and focus on getting better equipment for the programs that need it.

Marcus Evans


Name: Parker Richardson

Office: Historian

Institution: TCAT Harriman

Program Area: Machine Tool Technology

Career Goal: With my skills in both manual and CNC machining, I hope to gain a position in the Defense or aerospace industry, designing high precision parts and contributing to work that will help shape our future world.

State Officer Goals: This year, as a state officer, I hope to have opportunities to share information on the value of SkillsUSA and Career and Technical Education programs; I hope to grow as a leader; and I hope to create connections that will follow me in my future career.

Parker Richardson


Name John Cook

Office: Parliamentarian

Institution: TCAT Dickson

Program Area: Mechatronics

Career Goal: Control Technician

State Officer Goals: As a state officer, I want to bring industry and schools together to make sure graduates have the skills needed for current and future jobs. Being a third generation maintenance man, I know the importance of training and education.

Together with the other officers,  I speak to students as well as employers on the need to work together for the benefit of all. I represent students who return to school to keep up with the many innovations that change our world.

 John Cook