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State Officer Team

State officer Team


2018-19 SkillsUSA Tennesse Postsecondary State Officer Team

The State Officer Team is elected each year during the annual Tennessee Leadership Training Institute held in November. The team serves on our Executive Council representing the twenty-seven Technical Colleges and the thirteen Community Colleges, and supports SkillsUSA through leadership training, advocacy, and mentoring.

photo of lance myers

Lance Myers

Office: President

Institution: TCAT Chattanooga

Program Area: Motorcycle and Marine Service Technology

Career Goal: To gain the knowledge to operate my family automotive shop effectively and gain the certifications needed to be competitive in current technology that is ever changing.

State Officer Goals: This year as a state officer,
I hope to communicate the need and redefine the image of career and technical education as relevant and in-demand to school counselors, as well as middle and high school students. I also want to bring more awareness of the value of the SkillsUSA organization to our veteran students through encouraging more involvement on our campuses as well as showing the cross-qualification between military and career and technical education programs.  


photo of kristan sowell
Kristan Sowell

Office: Vice President

Institution: TCAT Pulaski

Program Area: Pharmacy Technician

Career Goal: My career goal is to be a certified pharmacy technician continue working at the independent pharmacy I work at currently, and work on my continuing education in the pharmacy field.

State Officer Goals

I hope to learn how to be a better leader, conduct myself in professional manner not only in this position but in my future career, impact others with the technical skills I’ve learned from my program and that I continue to learn on a daily basis. In doing so, I want to exceed the expectations of my peers, and serve my state in ways that will build a more stable future. 



photo of darrell chambers
Darrell Chambers 

Office: Reporter

Institution: TCAT Dickson

Program Area: Computer Information Technology

Career Goal: To work in the IT industry specifically in the networking and security sectors of a private company.

State Officer Goals: I hope to get SkillsUSA off the campus and into the community, network with my fellow students to create excitement about SkillsUSA, and create opportunities for new and exciting industry partners to grow our organization.



photo of brandon bailey

Brandon Bailey 

Office: Historian

Institution: TCAT Memphis 

Program Area: CAD Technology 

Career Goal: I want to become an entrepreneur who builds affordable housing for people in need while providing opportunities for CTE student and local artist to gain experience in their respective fields through apprenticeships and related opportunities.


State Officer Goals: This year as a state officer I hope to gain exposure for the value of Career and Technical Education programs, their impact on the society and tell the story of the individual students and instructors who are making a difference through our CTE programs. 



photo of katelynn cogdill

Katelynn Cogdill

Office Secretary

Institution TCAT Harriman

Program Area: Cosmetology

Career Goal: I plan to own and operate my own full-service salon.

State Officer Goals: As a state officer, I hope to grow in my leadership skills, help other students grow their leadership skills, and advocate to stakeholders the importance of career and technical training.


photo of aaron tuttle

Aaron Tuttle

Office: Treasurer

Institution: TCAT Jacksboro

Program Area: Welding Technology

Career Goal: I want to pursue a career in the welding industry where I can utilize my training along with my interpersonal and self-starter skills.

State Officer Goals: To grow the SkillsUSA program at my school as well as assist schools in my region and across the state to launch new SkillsUSA programs.


photo of brandon morris

Brandon Morris

Office: Parliamentarian

Institution: TCAT Harriman

Program Area: Diesel Equipment Technology

Career Goal: My objective is to gain employment in the diesel field and to continue to learn to be a better mechanic and a better employee.

State Officer Goals: To support the officer team and SkillsUSA members across the state in growing the organization, connecting with industry, and developing our leadership skills.