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State Officer Team

State officer Team


2018-19 State Officer Team

The State Officer Team is elected each year during the annual Tennessee Leadership Training Institute held in November. The team serves on our Executive Council representing the twenty-seven Technical Colleges and the thirteen Community Colleges, and supports SkillsUSA through leadership training, advocacy, and mentoring.

If you have strong leadership skills, and would like to develop those skills further through serving as a SkillsUSA Tennessee Postsecondary State Officer, then download the state officer application below to review the state officer requirements and begin preparing to lead the future of SkillsUSA Tennessee!

Start Your Leadership Journey

Leadership training is a key part of the SkillsUSA experience. Members can put new leadership skills into practice with SkillsUSA programs. Students design and run these programs, covering everything from mentoring younger students to cleaning up a public park.
Leadership opportunities are available at local, state and national levels. SkillsUSA members seeking to broaden their opportunities with the organization should consider a campaign for office. If you are considering running for any SkillsUSA office be sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Yes, it can lead to a great title, some travel and can look good on a resume, but holding an office means you agree to take on certain responsibilities and you agree to represent the organization.

As a SkillsUSA state officer, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Represent the leading career and technical education student organization in America
  • Fine-tune your leadership skills
  • Travel throughout the state
  • Meet SkillsUSA members and business and industry representatives
  • Work closely with other SkillsUSA officers and members
  • Have the opportunity to present speeches and seminars that will encourage and motivate others