State Officer Team

2016-17 State Officer Team
Pictured left to right: Clint Powers (TCAT Jacksoboro), Grace Galloway (TCAT Memphis), Cody Browning (TCAT Knoxville), Elizabeth Stenson (TCAT Nashville), Travis France (TCAT Morristown), Brian Barber (TCAT Harriman), and Michael Johnson (TCAT McKenzie)

The State Officer Team is elected each year during the annual Legislative and Leadership Conference held in November. The team serves as our Executive Council representing the twenty-seven Colleges of Applied Technology.

Being a state officer is one of the highest honors a student can achieve in SkillsUSA Tennessee Postsecondary. It can also be one of the most rewarding experiences for a student, too. If you are considering running for a state office (any SkillsUSA office, really) be sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Yes, it can lead to a great title, some travel and can look great on a resume, but holding an office means you agree to take on certain responsibilities. You are agreeing to represent the organization on a state and national level!

National College/PS Treasurer                                 Sherrie Wilcox - TCAT Knoxville

Sherrie graduated from the Diesel Powered Equipment Technology program and is curently enrolled in the Machine Tools Technology Program. She is a model student and reflects the leadership characteristics which SkillsUSA cultivates. Since enrolling at TCAT Knoxville Sherrie has accomplished the following: 

  • She was elected as Vice President of TCAT Knoxville’s SkillsUSA chapter and Student Government Association in October 2015
  • Earned the Tennessee Statesman Award in November 2015
  • She was elected in November 2015 as SkillsUSA Tennessee College Post-secondary Reporter
  • Won a gold medal in the Job Interview competition at the SkillsUSA Tennessee Leadership and Skills Conference in April 2016
  • Earned a Gold level for the President’s Volunteer Service Award and elected as a SkillsUSA National Officer in June 2016.


Travis France, TCAT Morristown


Clint Powers, TCAT Jacksboro 


Grace Galloway, TCAT Memphis


Liz Stenson, TCAT Nashville


Brian Barber, TCAT Harriman


Cody Browning, TCAT Knoxville

Sergeant at Arms 

Michael Johnson, TCAT McKenzie


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