New Committee for SkillsUSA Tennessee College Association!

Picture of New Committee for SkillsUSA Tennessee College Association!

SkillsUSA Tennessee College Association is excited to announce that new committees are being developed to enhance leadership opportunities at the state level. We are proud to share that Dottye Webb from TCAT Newbern is serving as Chair of the State Officer Team Committee. This committee will provide leadership roles for the team’s development. The mission of the committee is to increase communication about state officer expectations. This includes assisting students and advisors on how to prepare for campaigning and continues through serving as an officer in the association.  The committee will facilitate the state officers’ professional development through coaching to successfully complete their assignments and roles. This committee will serve as mentors to state officers and their advisors. 

Please contact Dottye Webb at with your inquiries concerning running an officer candidate this year. The committee is in place to help you through the election process. Once your officer is elected they will be there to offer you the support you need to allow your state officer to have greater impact on your campus and the state association.