SkillsUSA Unsung Hero Madison Cantero

Picture of SkillsUSA Unsung Hero Madison Cantero


Madison Cantero from TTC Chattanooga was a National Delegate that did not receive recognition during the state awards night. I would like to formally apologize to Madison and the Tennessee Technology Center at Chattanooga for this oversight. Madison has been very active in Tennessee’s Post-Secondary SkillsUSA.

In 2011, she was a model for Job Demonstration Open winning Gold in the state and national competition. She severed as a local chapter officer for 2012 and was instrumental in making her local chapter’s portion of the Oktoberfest a success.

She is a SkillsUSA Alumni member and was a voting delegate in 2012. Her efforts combined with the other Tennessee delegates resulted in two national officer candidates from Tennessee being elected to serve as SkillsUSA Post-Secondary National Officers.

Madison has always represented TTC Chattanooga and Tennessee proudly at SkillsUSA events. She worked extremely hard as a national voting delegate. Her face is one of the faces that I think about when I reflex on the 2012 national conference. I offer my sincere apology for not giving her the recognition that she deserved at the Tennessee’s Post-Secondary celebration dinner this year at the national conference.

Boyd Hestand

State Certified Trainer