National Skills & Leadership Conference

Picture of National Skills & Leadership Conference

Congratulations SkillsUSA Tennessee Postsecondary on the election of our 4th and 5th National Officers. Our new officers are Mary Kamuiru of TTC Chattanooga and Mark Roark of TTC Elizabethton!!! Special thank you to all of the National Voting Delegates:

Tony Hamblin, Leslie Hamblin, Joshua McBroom, Mark Roark, Debra Ryans, Mary Kamuiru, Madison Cantero, Traci Gilmer, Olivia Kennedy, Ashley English, Joey Pickard, Autumn Risner, Aaron Moore, Andrew Johnson, Dillon Montgomery, Mathew Rose, Ervin Brooks, Skyler Bellinger, Mike Leakes, Lavair Carney, Amberley Brown, Diane Weber, Maria Jordania, Sarah Farrar, Tameeka Rogers, Emily Farrar, & Lindsey Newport.