Tennessee Post-Secondary NLSC 2016 Results

Picture of Tennessee Post-Secondary NLSC 2016 Results

We had a great performance from our delegation at the 2016 National Leadership and Skills Conference. SkillsUSA Tennessee Post-Secondary Association was represented by a total of 170 attendees, 89 competitors participating in 63 contests. The students achieved a total of 37 total medals (17 Gold, 12 Silver, ans 8 Bronze). A total of 79 students from the TCAT system placed in the top 10 and 30 received Skill Connect Certificates for their performance on skills assessments. 

Earlier in the week, our Tennessee State Director Chelle Travis accepted three awards for the Largest Percentage Membership Increase, Largest Total Membership, and a Service Recognition for the SkillsUSA State Director Executive Committee, where Chelle serves as a Region 2 Officer. Congratulations Tennessee College/Post-Secondary SkillsUSA Members and Advisors!

Tennessee Delegates elected Sherrie Wilcox from TCAT Knoxville to serve as SkillsUSA National Treasurer, which makes Sherrie Tennessee’s ninth consecutive National Officer! Congratulations to all of our competitors and our newly elected National Officer! To view photos from the conference, visit our Facebook page.

If you have any photos you would like included on the SkillsUSA Tennessee Facebook page, PLEASE send them to michael.mercer@chattanoogastate.edu.